Teaching at University of Central Florida

CGN6655 Regional Planning, Design and Development

Overview of urban transportation planning approaches, introduction to 4-step planning approach, quantitative methods for the individual steps (trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, and traffic assignment), and drawbacks of 4-step approach, recent advances in travel demand models. For schedule details click here.

Terms Offerred - Fall 2014

Teaching at McGill University

CIVE208 Civil Engineering Systems Analysis

Civil Engineering : Introduction to civil engineering systems; system modelling process; systems approach and optimization techniques; application of linear programming; simplex method; duality theory; sensitivity analysis; transportation problem; assignment problem; network analysis including critical path method; integer linear programming method. For schedule details click here.

Terms Offerred - Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013

CIVE440 Traffic Engineering and Simulation

Driver, vehicle and traffic flow characteristics; origin-destination studies, traffic studies and analysis, queuing theory applications, microsimulation, highway design and capacity analysis, non-motorized facility design, high occupancy vehicle lane design, public transportation priority design, parking analysis, traffic signal design and control, and traffic micro-simulation. For schedule details click here

Terms Offerred - Winter 2011, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013

CIVE637 Discrete Choice Modelling in Transportation

In this course, the students will gain conceptual understanding of the most common econometric models employed in the fields of transportation, economics, sociology and psychology. The emphasis is on training graduate students to develop econometric models from scratch as opposed to using "black box" software. The first part of the class provides training in the data assembly process, descriptive analysis and multivariate regression. The second part of the course focuses exclusively on econometric models to including binary logit/probit models, multinomial logit/probit model, ordered logit/probit model. The course exclusively employs maximum likelihood approach of model estimation. Finally, an introduction to more advanced models employed in research is provided.

Terms Offerred - Winter 2012, Winter 2014

CIVE542 Transportation Network Analysis

Introduction to transportation network algorithms; analytical frameworks used in traditional transportation network software including routing algorithms, deterministic equilibrium approach, static traffic assignment, dynamic traffic assignment, vehicle routing algorithms, network reliability and design and several stochastic variants.

Terms Offerred - Winter 2013